Mathison needs his coffee for intern days.

Love these two. I need to leave my phone alone more often.

A good morning at the REI garage with my friend Jonathan Bryce. Got a good deal on these. Normally $120, gore-Tex shoes for $53. standing on campus and talking with students just got a little more comfortable. Thank you Jesus.

Not only can Jonathan and Johnny preach but they can shred.

"The subject has other applications. There is important matter of religious conversation. It is a great art. There are few pleasures greater than a heart-to-heart with a kindred spirit on the greatest themes of all." #fwboreham I couldn’t agree more. Be houses in Huntsville, Houston, or San Antonio I am grateful for all the conversations I have had , sitting on a porch, that have pushed me closer to Christ.

Awesome book given to me by my good friend Luis. Just finished the prologue and forward, Victor Plymire was such a man of God. Excited to read on.

Peaceful evening watching Mark Driscoll talk about the Holy Spirit.

One of the coolest dudes I know. A real man of God.

Come and tailgate with Chi alpha! #utsaxa #chialphautsa